Clust makes onboarding processes easier and smarter.
It’s a web based platform you can use to request, collect, manage and share anything you require as part of an onboarding, without needing to write a single line of code.

Our mission is to remove frictions and bring efficiencies to your company and clients processes. When it comes to collecting supporting documents and information from clients, suppliers or candidates as part of any online or offline application process, Clust can help you scale this repetitive processes. 

Clust helps you get more productive and stay organized so you can close deals faster.

We're bringing to your current company processes :

  • A simple and intuitive user experience for better conversion rates
  • An all-in-one tool ready to use by all your team members
  • A unified process for an easy to track, streamlined document collection an application process
  • A professional and secure tool, that connects with your existing tools 

To help them scale their business, we deliver to professionals in more than 50 countries : 

1.A better experience

Clust works in the background so your recipients can better the best user experience ever. Individuals and companies from whom you need to receive applications documents are also our clients. 

Clust is built around their experience so the entire application process remains frictionless, unified and professional. 

2.Customer Service

At Clust, we believe we are also part of your teams. We work hand in hand with our users to bring the best application process to the final customer. And that's a 24/7 commitment. 

Our team is available everyday to help you with any question you may have and help you and your team work better and with a peace of mind. 

In case you need any help, check out the several ways you can reach out to us.

3. Business productivity

Clust is the perfect productivity companion your business needs. We deliver action-packed features to help you turn prospects into clients and sign contracts in no time. 

Clust cuts the time, the cost and the risks associated with your current application process and gives you the ability to drive the best results out of it. 

Our platform is very easy-to-use, doesn't require any installation and you can get started within a couple of minutes after subscription. 

Clust makes sure you get the documents you need, when you need them. 

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