With Clust you can create an application on behalf of a recipient and invite them to join the process. 


You can publish a public url for your process so that anyone can join and complete it.
This is what we can a Client portal. 

A Clust client portal is a secure interface where a Client can start a specific process easily. 

The Clust portal can be hosted on a Clust page with a nice background (Clust Business page) or embedded into your web pages.

Creating and publishing your portal on a Clust Page

Go to the 'Resources>Client portals' and leave the radio button on 'From a branded Clust page'.

Your Clust business page is always accessible through your secure Clust portal and your clients will always be able to log back into this page using their unique reference number.

Creating and embedding your portal on your website

Go to the 'Resources>Client portals' and pick instead the radio button 'From your website pages'.

Grab the html code and paste it in your code.

How does it work for your recipients?

Your customers will start their application (We'll ask them to enter first name/email/phone number/ and create a password) on your Clust Business page. They now have a unique reference number to log back in at any time.
Their application will always stay protected with a password that we do not store.

Here is an example of client portal for an Onboarding process for business training.

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