Team members are people you work with who need to have access to a Clust account either to manage or work on client applications.
They can be employees or contractors for example. They will have access their own workspace based on different permissions you define. 

You can manage anything related to your team, company of business entity from your Team settings area. Settings defined in one team will be applied to everyone from your team.

In this tutorial, we will cover the following topics. 

  • Deleting team members that you've just invited
  • Deleting team members who joined your company account
  • What are external members? 
  • Adding, removing, managing external members
  • Creating an extra team or sub-account
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Where is the team settings section? 

Click on your Profile picture at the top right of the header, then go to Set up team. Navigate through the sidebar tabs to access each section described below.

Users>Team members

  • Inviting, managing, deleting team members

Go to Users>Team members to invite team members to join your team.
You can also update current permissions from your team members by clicking on the little green gear icon. The cross will allow you to remove very easily a team member from your current team. 

  • Deleting team members that you've just invited

In order to delete a team member that you've just invited, mouse over their email and click on the little bin icon.

  • Deleting team members who already joined your company account

If you need to delete a team member who already joined your company account, click on the delete icon in front of the team member's name.

Users>External members

  • What are external members? 

An external member is a person who needs to submit applications on behalf of your clients, suppliers, tenants, students etc. It's middle person either working outside or inside your company who is going to be in charge fo submitting the information on behalf of the actual recipient.

In the Users>External members section you'll be able to grant access to these external members so they can log into their very own portal, submit applications, keep track of them on a dashboard and engage with you throughout the process. 

  • Adding, removing external members

Whitelisting external members is pretty much the same process as adding team members. You'll need to grant them access to a unique portal, using the credentials you want them to use.

1- Add their full name, login email and access code

2- Once added click on the little green gear icon to define whether or not you want their created applications to be tagged in your list of applications using folders.

3-Share the Access URL available in the blue area with your external members as well as their credentials using your favorite secure channel

  • Creating an extra team or sub-account

If you current account allows you to do so, you can create an extra team or sub-account from your main account from this section.
Each team is independent and comes with it's own identity, templates, members logo, etc.
You'll be able to access all team from one login as an account owner but team members will only access specific team they have been invited to. In order to Switch from one team to another click on your Profile picture then on Switch teams.


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