We've prepared 20 MUST-READ lessons to help you get started with Clust. Use your 15 day free trial to read 1 or 2 lessons per day and start automating your business processes and client onboarding with Clust. Each lesson takes 10 to 20 minutes.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In this User guide we'll cover: 

  • What is Clust
  • Why it is important to rethink the way you work
  • Benefits of using Clust for your business
  • What makes Clust different from other solutions
  • Who uses Clust


  • What is Clust? 

Clust is a client onboarding software designed to help you and your team streamline the process of gathering and approving information, documents, signatures -and more- from anyone. Clust allows you to receive AND manage 'submissions' from a single place.

Our goal is to remove any friction, error, delay, inertia from your workflows so everyone in your team can work more effectively with a professional and secure tool. 

Clust acts as a secure & user-friendly gateway between your business and your stakeholders whether they are clients, tenants, suppliers, hires etc.

No more copy and paste and no need to juggle between tools (emails, online forms, Cloud drive solutions and CRMs) to track and manage your clients or to make sure they send you the correct required elements.
Your client information doesn't need to be all over the place, there is an app for that :)

  • Why is it so important to rethink the way you work? 

In order to help your business and teams grow, you need to better organize the way you work, making sure you have in place robust systems that are trackable, scalable, affordable and easy to follow for everyone inside and outside your business. 

  • Benefits of using Clust for your business

Our clients use Clust to make a positive impact on their daily operations, bringing in more productivity while building stronger relationships with their clients because:

"You never have a second chance to do a good first impression"

Here is what you'll get as soon as you start using Clust. 

  • What makes Clust unique? 

+ Instead of sending the same introduction email over and over again, redirect your stakeholders to a secure Clust portal where everything you'd need is already captured once for all.

+ Show a very simple, and easy to follow checklist of requirements whether you need stakeholders to fill out forms, send over files, sign a contract or more. 

+ Allow them to communicate with you without the noise directly from their secure interface

+ Free up your clients from the anxiety of not knowing how things are progressing as you approve/deny the information you collect as part of your onboarding process

+ Stop wishing for clients to get back to you:  set up automated reminders, keep client engaged with automated notifications

+ Show a professional image of your company with a GDPR compliant, customizable portal that will impress your clients. 

  • Who uses Clust? 

Our job is to help small business owners and teams compete at a global scale in a world where clients expect better, faster and more reliable services. Here are a couple of examples on how you could use Clust for your business:

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