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πŸ”” Having email deliverability issues?πŸ””

One click reminders
If you often use the one click reminder feature, your clients may not receive the notifications because they marked the reminders as spams. Make sure you put yourself in your customer's shoes before sending too many reminders manually.

Emails deliverability issues
Emails deliverability can be impacted sometimes by a variety of factors. As it's managed through an 'algorithm', it can happen sometimes.
Even if it's very concerning, please note that there is no security issue for you or your clients.Β 

So what to do?Β 

Do not panic :)
If your client doesn't receive your notifications email, first ask them to check their spam folder and mark the email as 'NOT SPAM'.
contact Support Team to let us know about this issue.

Emails not delivered at all
If your client doesn't receive at all notifications, wait 15 minutes before filling a bug.
Please share as many details as possible.
More details on bug filing here.

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