There are 3 levels of user permissions in Clust: 

  • Admin

Probably you if you've created the account. Admin users can complete the widest range of admin tasks in the account, such as :
Manage payment and billing
Adding or removing team members
Creating template and opening dossiers
Manage and customize accounts

  • Manager

Managers have the same permissions as Admin except the Payment and Billing management. 

  • Super agents

You guessed it already, super Agents are Agents with super powers.
In the world of Clust, Agents are the people 'on the ground', their main role is to send out Document Requests, collect the required documents and make sure they are sent out right on time, approved and ready to go.

On top of this assignment Super Agents will be able to view anybody else work from their account and follow up if necessary.

🔔We recommend you to assign Super Agent permissions to your team members if you want full transparency within your company. 

  • Agent

Agents are more operational. They can only send requests and work on them. 

🔔 Each Agent can only see what they work on. We recommend to assign the Agent permissions level to contractors or alternative Workforce.

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