First you need to connect Clust with your Cloud storage

  • From the main menu, click on Your picture>Set up Team and go to Clust Integrations

You'll find the Cloud synchronization section from which you can pick between DropBox or Google Drive. 

Then you need synchronize your applications

Go to the client application you're working on, click on 'Files export' and hit the 'Synchronize' button to launch the export to your Drive.

A Clust folder will appear in your Cloud storage when you launch your first synchronization.

⚠️We do not recommend to rename this folder an any sub-folder.

See how it looks like Google Drive. 

See how it looks like DropBox. 

The synchronization with Google Drive doesn't work properly, what should I do?
We've noticed that, unfortunately, Google Drive sometimes doesn't not work as fine as DropBox, so here is a quick troubleshooting for Google Drive.
1- Disconnect Clust from Google Drive
2- Flush your cookies
3- Reconnect Google Drive to Clust
4- Launch the synchronization again

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