Creating and online form allows you to collect along with recipients documents, a lot of information as part of their client application.

⚠️ A form is always inside a Clust portal, so you can't embed just a form on your website. You'll need to embed the secure portal.

How to create a form:

  • Go to Resources>Forms and hit Create new form
  • Name your form and click on 'Add new fields' and save
  • Click on 'Edit' in front of each field to set it up as a dropdown, text box etc.

List of form fields available:

  • Text boxes or Headings to your forms by clicking on the little arrow next to 'New fields'
  • Drag and drop your fields to rearrange your form
  • Create logic jumps if needed

Then you'll need to import your form into a template.

Why you can't add a form field directly into a list?

The Clust checklist is gathering blocks of things you require:  a form, a payment, a signature, a tasks etc..
Each block has it's own card, so that no matter how complex is your checklist, your recipients can skim through it easily, understand what's required in less than 5 seconds and convert faster without feeling overwhelmed. 

A/B testing has shown that if we added the content of a form or the description of a task, or a payment details process or even the contract to be signed directly into the checklist:

  • the chances for your recipients to convert will decrease significantly by up to 36%.

Importing a form into a template

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