Clust forms allow you to gather information from your recipients very easily.
In the Clust world they are considered as resources that you can use to build your Clust checklist. You can therefore create your own list of forms and import as many as needed into your templates or applications.

In this tutorial, we will cover the following topics. 

  • Creating an online form
  • Editing form fields
  • Available form fields
  • Importing a form in a template
  • How to create an online form

-Go to Resources> Online Forms and hit Create new form.
-Name your form and click on 'Add new fields' and save
-Click on 'Edit' in front of each field to set it up as a dropdown, text box etc

  • How to edit form fields

Click on the Edit button or secondary buttons in front of each field added. If you need help, click on 'How to use form fields and logic jumps'

  • Current available form fields

You can add several field types to your online form. Available form fields are listed below:

+Short text:
If you want a short written answer from people, this is what you need. It's not possible yet to choose a character limit.

+Paragraph:Perfect if you want people to write you long answers. It's not possible yet to choose a character limit. 

This field will only accept formatted answers that are following this format [email protected] so you can make sure you get emails.

The date question allows people to select a date. A calendar will be shown to recipients and the date will be captured under this format for you 5th oct 2019.

This only accepts numbers without space as an answer. You can use it to get a Zip code for example.

+Number:This accepts all kind of numbers, decimal or not. Your recipients will be able to share for example a rent amount or test score with spaces in it.

+Url:Use this to collect websites and links from your recipients.

+Dropdown:This allows you to have recipients pick one option out of several ones. It’s ideal for something like selecting a town, a service, or country of origin.

Use this when you want to offer a range of answers to a question.

🔔Please note that Checkboxes cannot have logic jumps🔔

+Radio button:
Radio buttons are used when you want to let the a recipient select one - and just one - option from a set of alternatives.

  • How to import a form in a template

Then you'll need to import your form into a template.

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