Timeframe allow you to make sure you get all required information on time. We also use them as a reference to send out automated reminders.

Go to Template>Configuration>Timeframe to set it up

There are 3 types of dates used in Clust :
The timeframe which applies to your Templates.
For example, you're creating a Clust template for one of your services but you usually need all information within a certain timeframe.

So you'll setup an X days timeframe as a default for this template and Clust will use it to calculate an actual deadline for each application created by your team or clients.

The deadline is a specific date by when you require certain documents.

⚠️You can deactivate the due date feature. You can also adjust a due date for a specific application while creating it from your account.

Due dates are calculated regardless of holidays, weekends and bank holidays so make sure you set the right timeframe. 

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