We offer 3 services to help you get started easily with Clust:

Watch our videos to get started and make a quick search in the Knowledge base to find a tutorial on how to set up each part of your account. We do not recommend this option if you have a team and want to get the most out of your digital transformation strategy.

Cost : $0 

Have our onboarding team set up your account. We can create your 1st Template and import into your account 2 forms. We'll show you what we've done and will train your team during a free webinar. We recommend this option at least if you have a team and want to get started as soon as possible in the best way.

Cost : $249 (Free for Gold annual plans)

Our onboarding team will manage from end to end your account setup : importing all Templates, forms, creating folders and up to 5 Zapier integrations or automation processes. We recommend this option for growing companies needing to scale and want to durably improve their company workflows.

Cost : $699 (Free for Gold annual plans)

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