There are a few ways to use Clust and start receiving online applications. The method you'll use depends on your business needs and if you have or not a website. 

We are thrilled to offer on WordPress a very handy plugin named Clust client portal, to help you receive client applications directly on your website pages (Visitors won't need to come to Clust)

⚠️If you're running into issue and are using Elementor, please use instead the html script. Elementor confirmed to us that it's a better alternative. (See here)

Detailed walkthrough below

⚠️Step #1: Remove Gutenberg⚠️

Download the 'Disable Gutenberg' plugin to have the same experience as below. (You won't see the client portal inserter otherwise). You'll be able to uninstall this plugin once you're done installing Clust don't worry.

Step #2: Register on our website and setup your account

Go to our website and register for free. Once that's done, make sure you've set up your account and created templates to guide your website visitors through the right process. As soon as you're done setting up your Clust account. Grab your API key and store it in a safe place. 

Step #3: Download the Clust client portal plugin

From your Wordpress admin panel, go to 'Plugins', click on 'Add new' at the top of the page. Search for 'Clust client portal' from the search bar and hit 'Install' + 'Activate'

Step #4: Install the Clust client portal plugin

Once you've clicked first on 'Install' then on 'Activate', locate the client portal plugin in your Wordpress admin interface and go to the plugin setup page. The plugin should be displayed somewhere on the left menu.

Here the what the Plugin page looks like once installed:

Optional Step #6: Add your Clust account API key (if not done at step #2)

Go back to your Clust account and grab an API key (Assign all abilities).

Copy/Paste this key into the Clust client portal page and hit the the blue button to confirm. 

Step #5: Publish your Portal on your Wordpress

Open a new Wordpress page or post (where you want the client portal to display).
Name this page and publish the page.
One the url of the page is showing, locate the Clust portal inserter button and click on it.

Add the page url to the pop up, pick the template to be displayed within you portal, choose preferences (size, color, header), validate and update your page. 

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