Internal references allow you to stay organized when managing your Clust applications and clients. There are several ways to add an internal reference to your applications. 

= When creating an application==

  • Hit the purple 'New application' button in the header menu to create an application on behalf of someone
  • At Step 2 (Setup), add manually your reference number. Eg. RGT567 in the field named Internal reference
  • Validate and check your applications list page, the reference number is showing in the application details

= From your application's details==

  • Go to one of your applications and click on 'More options>General' tab. 
  • Scroll down and hit the little pencil icon to edit the application details. 
  • In the Internal reference field, add the related reference number and click on the Confirm button

🔰This is also where you will go to edit an existing application's internal reference number.

The internal reference will show on your application list, right below the process/service name.

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