Do you want to accept online payment from your customers? No problem. 


  • Enable Checkout 

  • In your Stripe account, go to 'Developers>API Keys' copy and paste your API key and secret API key and add them to your Clust account.
  • Click on your Name > Set up team and go to Clust Integrations on the sidebar to set up Stripe so you can receive payments through your application portals.

  • Add in the box below Stripe credentials, other alternatives (Such as how to get paid by cheque or wire transfer)

Do I need to setup stripe for each team I have?
Yes, please. You'll need to set this up for each of your Clust accounts. 

Can create recurring payment using Stripe?
The current Stripe integration only allow one off payments. We suggest to use your regular monthly payment solution and add a link to the Checkout page into the portal using the Clust task feature. Users will be able to mark the task as completed. 

What are available currencies?

Requesting an online payment

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