Tags allow you to customize your text with variables.
You can use them in your emails or template description (Showing in the Information tab of the application portal).
Simply add them to your text to pull automatically the right information.
Here is the list of tags you can use today:

{DOSSIER_TITLE} Shows the name of the folder
{CONTACT_FIRSTNAME} Shows your recipient's first name
{CONTACT_LASTNAME} Shows your recipient's name
{CONTACT_FULLNAME} Shows your recipient's first name and name
{CONTACT_EMAIL} Shows your recipient's email
{ITEMS_ALL} Lists all the required items
{ITEMS_MISSING} Lists the missing items from the list
{DOSSIER_STAGE} Shows the current Application progress stage (Gold plans only)
Shows the specific field of a form. (123 should be replaced  by the specific field number)

Defining email sender's name for notifications

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