Clust forms allow you to collect key data and information from your customers. Here are some advanced features you need to know to get the most of them.

The drop-down menu allows you to offer several exclusive options from each other to your recipients. Add your options separated from a comma.

Simple text
It's a simple field, the one you'll have to use most often. Perfect for short fields.

The paragraph
The paragraph is better for larger area of text. This will give the customer more room to give you their answers.

The date
Suitable for date formats, this field makes it easier for the customer to enter dates (birthday, precise date, etc.)

The logic jump
The logic jump allows you to create rules for displaying certain fields based on previous answers.
Display 'What is your favorite colour?' question with potential answers 'Red, Orange, Yellow' if the answer to the previous 'Gender' question is 'Girl'.
The logical jump cannot be done without a prior question based on which the logic should be made. 

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