If you need to share generic documentation (eg. Guides, letter templates) with your clients, We recommend you to attach these files to your Template using the attachment feature.
All you need to do is :
-Go to the related template
-Click on the 'Configuration' tab and scroll to the 'Shared files' section where you'll be able to add the documentation. 

The documentation added to the templates will systematically be shown on the client portal every time a team member or client opens an application. It will show in the 'Information' section of the client interface.

Where does it show for the recipient?

How to share a document with a specific recipient?

  1. Go to your Applications
  2. Pick the application you want
  3. Click on 'More options' then scroll to 'File Sharing' menu and add the attachment. 

It will only be available to this specific recipient.

Adding a document to the needs list of behalf of a client

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