If you want to stay on top of your work and also reassure your clients, the approval feature is for you.

  • It helps you stay up to date regarding your client management process:
  • You know what's been done and what needs to be reviewed as part of the application process
  • Your client will be happy to follow up on the application throughout the weeks
  • When you export your application, your export folder will be clean and accurate

Just hit the 'Approve' button under each received file.

  • How to reject a file? 

Please note that you can also reject wrong files by clicking on the 'Wrong file?' button.

  • How to unapprove a file? 

If you've already approved a client upload or document and want to cancel the approval, you just need to click on the link 'Cancel approval' to move the document to 'Pending' and allow recipients to send additional files.

  • My recipient cannot add more files because the line item has been approved, what should I do?

 If you've already approved a line item, you can unapprove it to receive more files. 

  • Can I unapprove a payment, a task or a signature? 

If a payment or eSignature is already completed, you will not be able to unapprove the completion of these actions. Same applies to a task. We recommend to add another line item to your checklist and inform your recipient that they need to complete it.

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