Anyone on this planet can send you files and required documents using Clust.
Your recipients (whom we call 'Clients') could actually be of any kind : suppliers, applicants, suppliers, new hires, partners and much more!

They won't need to create an account on Clust to interact with you.

What's the difference between a user and a client?

At Clust, we call 'users' or 'internal member's anyone who is part of a Clust team, it could be your team or your colleagues. Anyone around you who need to work on client applications for the success of your company.

As you may interact with so many different type of people as part of your company application processes, we prefer to call all them 'Clients'. So clients are basically Clust recipients. 

Of course based on your activity, a 'Client' could be a candidate, a supplier, a student etc.

Clust streamline your company processes so no matter who you need to receive applications from, you can do this easily and without hassle. 

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