A Clust application gathers everything you require from a recipient as part of a specific company process (New client Onboarding, RFP, Hiring, School Registration, Tenancy application, Mortgage loan, claim proces etc). 

It could a list of tasks to be completed, forms to fill out, documents to send, contracts to be signed, payments etc (Or a combination of all of that). 

It is a sequence of things or steps that you need recipients to go through to complete a process. It can have a due date or can be a never ending process engaged with a person.

An application = a project = a matter = order - etc depending on your sector.

ℹ️ An application is password protected by the recipient. If the recipient wants to, one could share their application password with relatives but that's not recommended. 

The difference between a template and an application

How to create an application

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