Yes. Recipients are required to enter a password to protect their files.  When they log back into their session, they will be asked to enter a password to access the files.

Based on the experience you choose, the client may see different things:
1- When you invite a client to join an application portal from your account
In this case the recipient receives an invite email, the only credential required to access the portal will be their password. They will be required to create a password the first time they want to interact with the checklist.

2-When a client creates an application from your embedded portal
Here, the client will be required to enter some information as well as a password to access the portal. A unique reference number will be sent by email to them in case they need to log back into the portal. When they come back, they will land on the registration/login page and will have to log back into the secure interface.

Can I remove the password?
Unfortunately, the password cannot be removed. It's protecting your recipient's files & information.

Can create myself the client password?
The client chooses the password. But you can always create an application and log back into it as a client and create a password which you'll share with the client using the messaging system if you want to.

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