Hey Everyone!
As the campaign goes, we're gathering feedback and also trying to move off our todo list minor things so we can better focus on big features.ย 

Below you'll find a timeline of we've being doing to improve your experience (โš ๏ธThey all may not be visible yet when you read this, but at least you know what's done and ready to be published) ย on top of the daily operations and running the campaign.

We have gallons of coffee, we need more tacos to keep delivering fast! :)

Campaign Launch โฃ๏ธ

New announcement: Unlimited applications for Double & Multiple AppSumo Plans

Content updates:ย 

  • 'Validate' an application becomes 'Close Application'ย 
  • 'Templates' is now 'Application templates'ย 
  • 'Contacts' is now 'Recipients' in 'Create application' flow
  • Content on client portal when adding a password is updated
  • The word 'Application' is now showing in the client experience anymore

Product updates:

  • Made with Clust is removed from PDFs forms
  • 'More Options' menus are moved to the left Menu of Applications/Templates
  • Capitalization has been removed
  • 18 currencies NEW added to the payment gateway

Product updates

  • We now have ETAs!!
  • CNAME and Custom notifications domain for your Double/Multiple AS deal. ๐Ÿ”ฅ

We'll be able to release it in 4 weeks from now (Week of the 8th October). I think this deserves some more tacos! ---> Share feedback

Spanish and German translations

  • ETA for Spanish =The week of the 23rdย 
  • ETA for German = The week of the 23rd

Product updates:

  • We've made additional updates to the content.ย 
  • 'Validate an application' is now 'Close an application'. You can now close and reopen an application
  • We've added TAGS in the description of your client-facing description 'Information'
  • Admin can now set up a 'File received' alert.ย 
  • Drag and drop issues have been fixed
  • The 'More options' and 'Configuration' menus are now moved to the template/ application side bar directly.

Content/Product updates:

  • 5 new onboarding videos have been published in a 100% authentic french accent ๐Ÿ™ˆ
  • A direct link to How to install the Wordpress plugin has been added to the Wp plugin page
  • 11 Help articles have been written (to be published in 1 or 2 days)
  • Stripe payment (Newly Upgraded experience) has been implemented

Product updates:

  • Trial accounts can now upgrade to AS accounts from their account by clicking on this url
  • Html script issues have been fixed
  • Captcha has been removed from AS registration page (was closing buffering issues)
  • Elementor teams have confirmed to us that adding the Clust iframe script worksย 

Content updates:

  • We've publish 11 new Help articles based on frequently asked questions

Content updates:

  • Spanish translation is done, being tested out.ย 
  • German translation is done, being tested out.ย 
  • Preparing our next batch or translations.ย 
  • Our English manager is being onboarded to help us improve the english content.

Product updates:

  • We added a 'back to list' button at the bottom of client facing forms
  • We added a small icon on forms to let you know when a field has a logic jump
  • Multiple accounts has been announced.ย 
  • We're done with the Cloud Sync' feature update (now you can sync' with the push of a button instead of having to close an application)- not live yet, still being tested out.ย 
  • We've added checkmarks, radio buttons, Email and more to forms fields.ย 

Product updates:

  • We've added more fields to the forms as well some validators: digits, number, url.ย 
  • You can now edit client records
  • Special characters for csv forms have been fixed
  • You don't have to upload a square logo anymore :)

Content updates:

  • Spanish will be released this weekend along with German. We hope native Spanish and German speakers will help improve the content. Our translators did their best but are not daily users of Clust, so they may not have understood all the little details. We count on you to help!

Product updates

  • You can now edit client records
  • The Comment on wrong files is showing also on the admin interface
  • You can download applications as a unique PDF
  • Stakeholders you collaborate with also can download the file shared as a unique PDF
  • You can add a subtitle (Free text) to forms, applications and templates
  • Mp4, Mp3, Docx extension format are now allowedย 
  • Tasks not working when the portal is embedded is not fixed
  • Stripe secret key is now encrypted but displayed (it's was not showing at all before)

Product updates:

  • We've also published a big batch of daily fixes.ย 
  • You can have your codes redistributed by our team

โš ๏ธWe're fixing the display bugs that slipped through the cracks. Please bear with us. You may experience some minor issues such as the following:

  • DropBox sync' fixed
  • Zapier issue trigger (Application validated) now fixed
  • Codes calculation is being looked into
  • Radio buttons issue being looked into
  • Help Center articles are still being updated with new visuals

Campaign update:
The AS campaign will end up on the 13th of October morning (California time I believe). ๐Ÿ˜ข

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