How to add an external member? 

  1. Create an external member
  • Click on your profile picture>Set up Team >Users>External members' and add manually the list of point of contacts who need to access a member portal. 

   2. Tag applications created by these members
Once you've added an external member, click on the little gear next to the external member to automatically tag incoming applications. (If you haven't yet created tags, you can just add them there).
The list of tags will show in your list of applications.

  3. Share their credentials
Send to them their credentials (email & access code). They do not receive any automated email from Clust.

⚠️Click on the lock to update their access code⚠️

What's the external member experience? 

External members will access a secure member portal where they'll be able to create applications on behalf of anyone else based on your current templates.

External members should enter their own information details in this pop up when creating the application so they stay in the loop. 

Please note that they do not receive any invite email. If you need to invite recipients to start an application, you should do it from your admin interface.

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