• Definition of a Template

A template is basically the layout of your onboarding process or any process you want your clients, candidates, hires or suppliers to follow easily. It’s like a draft checklist that anyone you need to engage with, should follow. 

It’s could be your onboarding process, your registration workflow, your job application process…

It’s like the general steps and information that you require people to complete in order to start working with you. Very similar to what you likely already have in an excel, a pdf doc, on your written down on your website for example. 

  • Definition of an application

Clust allows you to take all this concept to the next level by introducing the concept of Applications. An application is a live sequence of steps being taken by a recipient. 

A Clust application would be for example:

  • a New client Onboarding started by client ABC, 
  • an RFP started by vendor XYZ, 
  • a Hiring process joined by candidate John, 

Applications leverage the process what you pre-defined in a template.

An application = a project = a matter = order - etc depending on your sector.

Below is an application seen from your admin dashboard. 

Here is an application from the recipient standpoint. 

An application is either created from a public portal or accessed through an invite that you can generate from your account using the 'Create application' purple button at the top of your account. 

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