If you need to manage multiple companies in Clust, you may want to try our sub-account feature. 

What's a sub-account?

In Clust, a sub-account or team is an entity grouping several users under a brand, a name, a logo and a domain name for example. In other words, it could be -depending on your situation - another organization you work at, a subsidiary of your business, a Corporate client account, or another department in your company. 

Each sub-account has it's own:
-Look and feel (logo, brand/team name)
-Set of templates
-Related applications
-Group of team members
-Subscription plan

PS: if you create a sub-account, you become the admin/owner of this account/team.


Stack all your codes in your account and click on the link below to contact us and have us distribute them as you want. Please note that we can't merge your accounts.

How to get a sub-accounts (AS users)? 

  • 1 code = 1 team
  • Stack at least 2 codes into your Clust account to create your first sub-account
  • Each other codes stacked in any of your Clust accounts will unlock another sub-account.
  • When you stack 10 codes (whether in your main or sub-account)----> You get 100 sub-accounts allowed. 

Each sub-account comes with the Gold AS deal account features meaning 300 applications/ month + 5 team members + 50 Gb storage + CNAME & SMTP

To lift the limits for each sub-account, stacking must be done in each Sub-account AS dashboard page.

It's actually less confusing than it sounds. We had to find a way to bring value while sticking to current & established rules of the AS deal so that's why it can be a bit overwhelming. But if you take a couple of minutes to read what follows you'll solve the mystery of sub-accounts like many clients already did since the announcement.🕵

So basically, you need to ask yourself:

1/How many accounts do I want in total? One, two, 100?

For each account you want, you'll need 1 code unless you want 100 (In this case 10 codes will be needed).

If you want 3 accounts, you need 3 codes stacked anywhere in the app (Main account or sub-account, doesn't matter. We don't want to force you to stack them in your main account and end up with 15 team members there and many sub-accounts with only 5 team members...).
The first code will be used for creating your 'main' account, the second one will be used to create your first sub-account (So you'll have to stack it in the main one because there is no sub-account yet), the third one will be used to create your second sub-account (You can stack it anywhere).

2/How many members do I need in each account? 10, 20?

10 members unlock as well unlimited applications, so as soon as you get more members than a regular account, you'll get unlimited applications. So let's focus on members count.

For 10 team members you'll need 1 code to bring your specific account to 2 codes in total (because if you have an account means that you have a code already, right?)

For 15 team members you'll need 2 codes to bring your specific account to 3 codes in total (because 15 members requires 3 codes as mentioned in the AS deal)

You'll need to stack in each account to upgrade this specific account.

What if you've already stacked your codes in your main account and now have 25 team members in one account that you want to redistribute across your sub-account? Contact us on the chat.

If you're still confused, it's okay. Have us distribute your codes for you.

We are offering you 100 Clust accounts with their own branding, 300 applications/month + 5 team members + 50 Gb storage (and CNAME+SMTP) for $4.9 only each.
It also means that you pay 10 accounts for $49 each instead of ($1200/year) and get 90 additional ones with great capabilities for free forever (instead of $1200/year).


Creating sub-accounts

Lifting limits in sub-accounts

Ask Clust to distribute your codes

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