Scroll to the bottom of this article to let us distribute your codes for you in the right accounts.
Please note that we can't merge your accounts.

If you've already stacked or have saved somewhere some AS codes, here is what you need to do. 

  • Log into your main account (The one you had so far) and Go to your AS dashboard to see how many sub-accounts you're allowed to get.

This is visible in the section 'Created teams = X/Y'.

The Y number is the number of sub-accounts you're allowed to get, X is the number of sub-accounts your have right now. 

When you stack a codes anywhere in Clust, you get another sub-account. When you reach 10 codes stacked, you unlock 100 sub-accounts.

Each sub-account comes with 300 applications/month + 5 team members + 50 Gb Storage + CNAME & SMTP (when available)

👇  Scroll down to lift the limits within your sub-accounts👇

In this example, I have stacked 2 codes already so I am allowed to create another sub-account (Created teams says 1 out of 2). 

⚠️Please read carefully the following instructions on creating sub-accounts⚠️

  • Click on your current Profile picture>View teams to create another team or sub-account.

Fill out this form to let us know how you want to organize your codes across your accounts.

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