We've put together a user guide so you can get started super easily! As you read through this guide, do not hesitate to click on the links to learn more about each concept.

Begin with reading all introductory articles and get familiar with Clust use cases, glossary and basics.

🌟When you add team members, make sure they activate the 'Team view' option from their Account settings to have access to the team's applications created before they joined.

  • Try to map out your current company process and pick the one(s) you want to automate with Clust:

              >Which process, service do I want to manage using Clust?
               Client onboarding, claim process, website design, rental application process?
              >What is required as part of this process? Forms to fill out?, document              
              uploads? eSignatures? 

  • Pick the Template that best suits your use case or start building your own:

             > Import a Ready to-use template
             Or Create a template from scratch
             Or have a Clust onboarding manager do this for you

🌟Don't forget that in order to create the perfect you also need to create forms, eSignatures, Payment requests that you'll be able to import into your template.

NOW, your account is set up for success. You and your team are ready to start receiving client applications and working on them from a single, secure place. 

  • Want to create some automation? Head over to Zapier to create automations between your favorite tools. 

Watch a video to get started with Clust

Want a tailored Clust onboarding - contact our Onboarding team

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