Clust usually takes care of sending all email notifications through the platform. However, you can also send emails to your recipients through your SMTP mail server. Much better don't you think? :)

By allowing you to use your own mail provider, Clust enables you to use email addresses in their own domain to get better open rates and fully manage, monitor and troubleshoot email delivery.

After you set up your custom email addresses and SMTP servers, you'll be able to change the "From" in the email addresses to your custom address for notifications sent to your recipients. 

There are three requirements for the SMTP server:

  • It must support LOGIN authentication.
  • It must support TLS 1.0 or higher.
  • It must use a certificate signed by a public certificate authority (CA). 

To be able to use your own SMTP server:

  1. Login into your Clust account and click on your Profile Picture>Set up Team, navigate to Custom domain & SMTP.
  2. Enter your SMTP server Host, Port, Username and Password in the appropriate fields

3.Click Save.

For Gmail users, try to use SMTP Port 587 with TLS. And if your configuration still fails, also deactivate the Gmail 2FA. 

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