While receiving and managing client applications, you may need some documents to get signed by recipients as part of your project or onboarding process. The e-contract feature will allow you to receive legally binding eSignature without using external apps. 

Find out how.

What is the difference between electronic and digital signatures?

Digital signatures are seen as an equivalent of notarized signatures and require a confirmation from a third-party (The Certificate).
Most of the time digital and electronic situations are legally binding. You may want to check if your federal legislation has strict requirements related to this. 

Which type of solution does Clust offer?

Clust offers both solutions: electronic and digital eSignatures.
The electronic Signature is free and unlimited. You can activate the digital eSignature in he Booster section. Click on your Picture>Set up this team>Boosters and activate the Certified eSignature.
The electronic signature doesn't need activation, you can just set up your e-contract, add fields and signature placeholders, import the e-contract in template and get your documents signed. 


Now let's get started!

  • Go to 'Resources>E-contracts' to create a new e-contract
  • Click on 'New e-contract' and name your future template

2- Import your current PDF document

  • Click 'Upload file' to import from your computer your existing contract in PDF format
  • Wait a few seconds while the we process the document

3- Edit your e-contract

  • Go to 'Go to Fullscreen editor' to add your fields more easily
  • Right click on your document to add the fields your need recipients to fill out

On right click, you'll be able to add the following fields:
-A text field: a text area where recipients can add their name for example

-A date field: a text area where recipients can add a specific date for example

-A checkbox: a tickbox if you want to capture consent

-An external signature placeholder: a place for the recipient to insert their eSignature, you can name this placeholder if you need multiple people to sign this document (Recipient will have to share their password with additional people)

-An internal signature placeholder: a place where your own or manager's signature will be captured by default. You could have your company manager sign there for example. 

  • Drag and drop the fields where you need and click on the little pencil icon to mark a field as mandatory ( Note that eSignatures are always mandatory)
  • You can also use the little pencil to remove a field you've previously added

How to activate eSignature?

ClustSign FAQ

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