It's very easy to get documents signed using ClustSign. 

In order to collect eSignatures while your managing online applications, you just need to prepare your PDF document.
Upload your document into your e-contract section and right click in the document to add fields.
Once you're done, import your e-contract into the right application template. When repicients are invited to join their interface or register on their own through the application portal, they will find the document to be signed as part of your checklist.

What is the difference between electronic and digital signatures?

Digital signatures are seen as an equivalent of notarized signatures and require a confirmation from a third-party (The Certificate).
Most of the time digital and electronic signatures are legally binding. You may want to check if your federal legislation has specific requirements related to this. 

Which type of solution does Clust offer?
Clust offers both solutions: electronic and digital eSignatures.
The electronic Signature is free and unlimited. You can activate the digital eSignature in he Booster section. Click on your Picture>Set up this team>Boosters and activate the Certified eSignature.
The electronic signature doesn't need activation, you can just set up your e-contract, add fields and signature placeholders, import the e-contract in template and get your documents signed. 

In particular, Clust leverages the following security features:

  1. Time-stamped signatures that include the details of the person signing the document.
  2. Compliance with all major electronic signature legislation in the US, Europe and elsewhere.
  3. Secure storage of recipients details and signatures associated with their legal documents.

How does it work for recipients?
Recipients will access the application portal as usual and see in the checklist a document to be signed.
When they access the document, they'll have to enter required information and sign electronically the contract. 

The contract will only legally binding after the recipient signs but also clicks on the 'I agree' button a the bottom of the document to authenticate themselves using SMS. 

After a couple of minutes, the signed document will be available in your admin interface.

ClustSign FAQ

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