What's ClustSign?
ClustSign is our legally biding eSignature solutions (electronic and digital) that help you collect signed documents while you manage client applications. 

Why should you use ClustSign?

We've built Clust to help you make your clients happy while staying productive. Our client applications management software will allow you to:

  • Create e-contracts to be signed by your recipients
  • Skip the old-school processes: document attached, downloaded, printed, signed, returner
  • Start your digital transformation right way
  • Save time with e-contracts templates
  • Save the planet using less paper
  • Easily collaborate with colleagues and partners
  • Track the status of your documents

Which type of solution does Clust offer?

🔔Clust offers both solutions: electronic and digital eSignatures.

The electronic Signature is FREE and unlimited. You can activate the digital eSignature in he Booster section. Click on your Picture>Set up this team>Boosters and activate the Certified eSignature.
The electronic signature doesn't need activation, you can just set up your e-contract, add fields and signature placeholders, import the e-contract in template and get your documents signed. 

What is the difference between electronic and digital signatures?

Digital signatures are seen as an equivalent of notarized signatures and require a confirmation from a third-party (The Certificate).
Most of the time digital and electronic situations are legally binding. You may want to check if your federal legislation has strict requirements related to this. 

Which fields can I add in the e-contract?

Once you've uploaded your PDF document you can start adding the fields you require recipients to fill out very easily:

  • An external signature - from a client
  • An internal signature - from your manager for example
  • A text field
  • A date field
  • A checkbox

How to drag and drop? 

Locate the little cross on the left corner fo your field and use it to place the field accordingly.

  • How to delete a field? 

Click on the little pencil and click on the bin icon.

  • How to mark a field as mandatory? 

Click on the little pencil and click 'Mandatory'.

  • What's the difference between green and red fields? 

Red fields are mandatory- an external signature placeholder for example is always mandatory.
Green fields are not mandatory.

  • Do recipients receive a version of the signed contract? 

For this first version, recipients do not receive anything yet. You can download the document and share it back with recipients from the 'File sharing' section of your application. We'll update the experience soon. 

  • How does the date field look like?  

The date field will display a small calendar to recipients so they can easily select the right date.

  • How to activate the certified eSignature?  

Head over to the Booster section in your team settings and activate the Booster. You'll get unlimited templates, unlimited signed documents. 

How to activate the certified eSignature?

How to activate the free legally binding eSignature?

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