The electronic Signature does not need activation. You can use it directly from your Resources>eContracts page as soon as you open a Clust account.

You can use the electronic Signature (unlimited signatures allowed) during your trial and also after, once you've activated your Clust plan. 

  • What is the difference between electronic and digital signatures?

Digital signatures are seen as an equivalent of notarized signatures and require a confirmation from a third-party (The Certificate).
Most of the time digital and electronic situations are legally binding. You may want to check if your federal legislation has strict requirements related to this. 

  • Which type of solution does Clust offer?

Clust offers both solutions: electronic and digital eSignatures. 

The electronic Signature is unlimited. 

You can activate the digital eSignature in he Booster section. Click on your Picture>Set up this team>Boosters and activate the Certified eSignature.
The electronic signature doesn't need activation, you can just set up your e-contract, add fields and signature placeholders, import the e-contract in template and get your documents signed.

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