Your profile is the account area where you can manage everything related to your personal preferences. Each team member no matter their assigned role have access to this section and the settings defined in the user profile only apply to the related user. 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In this tutorial, we will cover the following topics.

  • Adding or editing your profile picture
  • Editing your username or email address
  • Updating your account language and account display
  • Updating your password
  • Setting up 2 Factor authentication
  • Defining email notifications preferences and cc'ing team members
  • Seeing your list of teams and creating new teams
  • Questions and answers


Where is the user profile section? 

Click on your Profile picture at the top right of the header, then go to Set up Profile. Navigate through the sidebar to complete actions as described below.

In your user profile section you can manage the following: 

  • Adding or editing your user picture

Your user profile will be visible inside your account and in your team settings where you can see the list of your team members.

  • Editing your username or email in Personal profile

In user profile, you can also edit your name and user email. Once you update your email, make sure you use this email to log back into your account. 

  • Updating your account language and account display

In user profile, you can also choose your account language based on your preferences or change your account display.

When you pick 'View my activity' you'll only see in your account the applications that you've created or that have been assigned to yourself specifically.
When you pick 'View team activity' you'll see in your account all applications created or received by your coworkers including yours.  

  • Updating your password

Head over to the 'Password' tab on the sidebar to update your current password. If you can't remember your current password please log out and click on 'Forgot password' when trying to log back in.

  • Setting up 2 Factor authentication

A stronger authentification will protect your account as it's require to enter a dynamic code each team you log back into your account. This can be set up using our partner Authy. 

  • Defining email notifications preferences & cc'ing team members

Go to Alerts and Activity tab to update your personal notifications or cc' team members to your notifications. When cc'ing a team member to your notifications please note that they may not be able to log back into a Clust account if they don't have an account yet.
Account permissions will allow limit what can be seen by team members when they log into their account from your notifications. 

  • Seeing your list of teams and creating new teams

Depending on your plan, you will see in the 'View teams' shortcut all your current teams and you may be able to create more sub-accounts or teams.

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