Your Team or Company profile is the section where you can manage anything related to your team, company of business entity. Settings defined in this team will be applied to everyone from your team. 

In this tutorial, we will cover the following essential topics. 

  • Updating your company name and logo
  • Adding your Privacy policy url & capturing user consent
  • Managing privacy and user's data
  • Updating your custom domain and sender's email address
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Where is the team settings section? 

Click on your Profile picture at the top right of the header, then go to Set up team. Navigate through the sidebar tabs to access each section described below.

In your user profile section you can manage the following: 

Team profile>Branding

  • Updating your team/company name and email sender's name

Go to Team profile>Branding to update:
1-your Company or team name,
2-the name to be shown to your recipients when they receive notifications from your company
3-your company/team logo

Team profile>Data Privacy

  • Adding your Privacy policy url & capturing user consent

As a professional you need to make sure that you comply with regulations when it comes to data protection. In this section, you'll be able to bring the right level of compliance within your client management processes.

By adding your privacy policy url in this section (and making sure it's up to date including the data processing made with Clust), you'll build trust with your clients. 

Clust will also capture user consent when clients start an application with you and display it in your Application details so you know exactly who accepted your terms. 

  • Managing privacy and user's data

+Keep the 'Display privacy rights' checkbox ticked so your clients can use their rights regarding data privacy or GDPR if you're based in Europe.
From the portal, they'll have a section where they can request access do their data. Each request will be managed by yourself or your team members from the Data Privacy Dashboard

Team profile>Custom domain & SMTP

  • Updating your custom domain and sender's email address (for client notifications)

Go to Team profile>Custom domain & SMTP to change your application portal URL with your own domain name. This requires to create first a sub-domain pointing to in your hosting solution. Here is how to do this.

You can also setup your SMTP so that email notifications sent to your clients will be sent using one of your professional email addresses. Here is how to set up SMTP

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