The Cloud Synchronization allows you to connect your Clust account to 2 Cloud solutions: Google Drive or DropBox. You can integrate more Cloud solutions using our API our Zapier.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In this tutorial, we will cover the following essential topics. 

  • Connecting Clust with your Drive
  • Automatically sync' ing files with your Drive
  • Sending files manually to your Drive
  • See how it looks like Google Drive
  • See how it looks like DropBox
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Where is the Cloud Drive connection page? 

Click on your Profile picture>Set up team>Clust extensions tab to connect Clust with your favorite Cloud Drive solution. 

  • Connecting Clust to your Drive

You can either pick Google Drive or DropBox depending on your needs.
1- Click on 'Connect'
2- A pop up will show, enter you Google Drive or DropBox credentials
3- Bravo! Your Clust account is connected to your Drive. 

  • Sending automatically files to your Cloud Drive solution

Once you've successfully connected your Clust with a Cloud Solution, click on the button 'Activate auto-sync' if you want to automatically send your files to your Drive.
The synchonization will automatically start as soon as we record some activity on an application.

  • Send applications to your Drive manually

Go to the client application you're working on, click on 'Files export' and hit the 'Synchronize' button to launch the export to your Drive.

See how it looks like Google Drive

See how it looks like DropBox

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