Thinking in systems will bring tremendous value in your business and help you prepare for better scalability. You're never too small to start systemizing your organization or team. 

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In this tutorial, we'll learn about how to:

  • Audit your current process
  • Move your process into Clust
  • Save as much time as possible while doing this


  • How to audit your current processes?

In order to better understand how Clust can really save you time and money, you'll need to be clear on which process you want to improve today. Clust can you help run any company of client process seamlessly so our recommendation is to focus on your key process when you get started. 

  • How to identify & pick your key process?

Based on your activity, you may have specific business priorities that you'll need to take into account when transferring your current process to Clust. Your key process will usually be based on your business priorities. 

1- Define your key process and recipients

Some professionals will focus on client processes such as:

  • Onboarding new clients 
  • Receiving submissions from applicants
  • Managing customers applications 

Others will focus on admin/ company processes such as:

  • Sourcing, selecting new vendors
  • Onboarding new talents
  • Managing SOPs

2- Find out how your current process is documented
Such processes must be documented in several ways in your business. You may use spreadsheets, word docs, TypeForms, email, WeTransfer or a combination of all that to manage the process with clients or stakeholders throughout the day.

3-Identify daily versus key stakeholders
Depending on your process, business activity and priorities, your recipients may not actually be clients, but tenants, borrowers, applicants, hires, speakers or suppliers. It's totally okay and will not change how Clust can help you scale your processes. 

You may also want to list who are the main people that would need to be looped into your process as you work on it. Do you need approval from landlords? Another team member, your director? Would they actually need to access an admin interface or just share quick feedback on the process? Keep all that in mind as well. It will be useful when setting up your Clust account. 

How to build your process in Clust?

Now that you've identified your key process, let's start transitioning to Clust. If you've answered yes to more than 3 questions below, you definitely need to give it a try!

Let’s put it into practice…

To create your process within Clust, you will need to create a Template. We'll cover this in one of the next lessons.

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