Applications leverage the process that you pre-defined in a template. Applications are also called 'Client applications' although the recipient can be anyone you work with. In a nutshell, a recipient starts an application once they join the application portal or when you manually invite them via email as explained in this tutorial.

In this tutorial, we will cover the following topics. 

  • How application & portals work
  • Embedding your application portal in your Wordpress
  • Embedding your application portal in your Html Website
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  • How application & portals work

An application portal or Client portal if you prefer, is a secure (and mobile-friendly) place where you recipients (clients, tenants, providers, suppliers, hires) can log in to access the things you need them to provide.
Application portals are therefore process or service based not client based like some client portals.

  • Embedding your application portal in your Wordpress

⚠️If you're running into issue and are using Elementor, please use instead the html script. Elementor confirmed to us that it's a better alternative. (See here)

  • Embedding your application portal in your html website

It's very easy to publish your application portal. Go to Resources>Client portals where you'll find our builder. 

Step 1: Pick the From your website as a source
This will allow you to receive applications from your website.

Step 2: Set up your portal
Choose with template will drive the experience and who in your team should be the owner of incoming applications.
Define whether of not you want to color tag these incoming applications using Clust folders.
Don't forget to add a destination URL (the page where you're planning to insert this portal so we can redirect logged in recipients to this page from notification emails)

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