Applications leverage the process that you pre-defined in a template. Applications are also called 'Client applications' although the recipient can be anyone you work with. In a nutshell, a recipient starts an application once they join the secure interface or once you invite them to from your account. One user can start multiple times an application.

In this tutorial, we will cover the following topics. 

  • How to preview approve or reject on received files
  • How to message a client
  • How to mention a team member
  • How to loop in a third party to collect feedback
  • How to manage application access rights
  • How to export an application files
  • How to add new requirements to an application
  • What else you can do in an application
  • Format of received files
  • 🆘Questions/Answers🆘


  • How to preview approve or reject on received files

As soon as a recipient's returns you some information or documents, you can start managing their application.
1-Go to Applications and click on the recipient's application.
2-Focus on line items with a 'Pending review' status.
3- Click on 'View files' to see returned items.
4- Use the Preview, download or remove icons if needed
5-Click on 'Approve' if the file is correct or 'Wrong file?' if you have a comment to share with the recipient

You can cancel approval if needed by clicking on the link next to the 'Approve' button.

  • How to message a recipient

The messaging feature not only allows you to communicate with a recipient. You can also use it to communicate internally. 

With this feature you can send external messages, internal messages or mention team members in any messages (external or internal) if you need.

+List in the first fields all viewers of your messages. By default your recipient's name will be added so you can easily send external messages.

+ Type in in the first field 'Team' to send internal messages

+Use the @mention in your text to ping specifically one of your team members and allow them to take action. 

You can also go the Messaging center to read all messages.

  • How to mention a teammate

From within your application, head over to the 'Message inbox' tab on the sidebar to send a message or reply to your recipient. 

1- Add in the list of viewers the name of your colleague or use the word Team if you want the entire team to see the message
2-While writing your message, and use @teammatename to ping a colleague.
3-Your teammate will receive a notification and will be able to follow up if they have permissions to see this application

In the example below the message is sent to the recipient (external) but a teammate was mentioned to take action.

  • How to manage application access rights

Each teammate has specific permissions that are applied when you invite them to your Clust account.
Within each application, you can see who has access to your application and grant a specific access to users such as Operators or Agents who generally can only access application they created.
1- Go to your Application
2- Click on 'More Options> Access Rights' to see the list of authorized users and grant access to additional teammates

  • How to loop in a third party to collect feedback

From within your application, head over to the 'Collaboration' tab on the sidebar to invite a third party to check your application. 

1- Click on the 'New Collaboration' button
2- Enter the person's information
3- Pick which files or information you'd like to share: you can select some files or all files. 

The person will receive an email inviting them to validate and share feedback about the related application. No login will be required from them in order to collect their feedback. 

🔔You need to manually invite people from each application, if you prefer to give access to your company account instead, add this person as a team member instead. 

4- Click on the secondary buttons to either share manually the URL access or delete the collaboration. 

  • How to export an application files

From the 'Files export' tab on the Application sidebar, either send the files as a ZIP or unique PDF to your email or click to send them to your Drive if you've activated the Cloud Sync already.
Here is the type of files you'll receive when you export or synchronize an application. 

1- The materials uploaded by recipients (files, documents, images etc)
2-Signed e-contracts (PDF)
3-Task completion confirmations (PDF)4- Forms data in (PDF & Csv)
5- Credit card payment receipts (PDF)6- Messages transcript in (PDF & Csv)

Clust will also generate an Application Record Card listing the general information about your application. This information will be available as a PDF and Csv documents.

  • How to add new requirements to an application

You've probably started collecting information from your recipient and you want to request more information.
1- Click on 'Add new items' to request more files, a payment or to add a form to be filled out, a contract to be signed, a task to be completed.

The additional information will be shown on your recipient portal as part of the missing items to be completed. You can send a message to notify the recipient.

  • What else you can do in an application

From the 'More Options' tab you can access additional features.
❗️Most of these features would need to be defined in the template first.❗️
1-Share documentation with your recipients through the File Sharing tab.
2-Manage your team todo list from the Todo List tab, or add new things to do.
3-Define more conditions and attach them to specific line items added to the checklist
4-Fill out your custom fields so additional information is captured internally
5- Define or check access rights as explained above

  • Format of received files

Clust allows to manage recipient's data in a smart way. You can approve, reject, store and share received information in a convenient way.
When recipients send you information or documents, you'll receive them as is in your admin interface unless you've activated the PDF conversion.

+Forms will be available as a PDF and CSV.
+Completed tasks will create a completion receipt in PDF
+Payments will issue a Stripe receipt in PDF

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