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  • When is the live support available? 
  • Does Clust offer Phone Support? 

Clust does not offer immediate phone support. Our preferred method of providing support is via our Chat or Email. 

  • What if I just want to talk to someone?

We totally understand. Sometimes it's just easier to talk to someone to explain the issue you have over the phone. We can make that happen, but please note your call will need to be scheduled. 

When you start a conversation, just let the support agent know you would prefer to get on a call to explain your issue. They'll provide a link for you to select a time that is convenient to you. We prefer to conduct the call via Hangouts so that we can share screens to see exactly what you need help with. 

Please note we do try and offer a call within the same business day, but this will not always be possible based on conversation volumes. To remain fair, we do respond back to all conversations in the order they are received. If you are on our Gold monthly or Annual Plan, you will receive priority response.

Can a submission have multiple recipients?

Clust doesn't currently support multiple recipients for a single application. This is a feature we will be addressing in the future.

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