Some clients are using Clust to submit information on behalf their own recipients whether it's a couple of documents which fell through the cracks and were sent using another channel than Clust or when they need to place for writing SOPs. 

In this tutorial, we will cover the following topics. 

  • Submitting information on behalf of recipients
  • Having a third-party submit information on behalf of recipients


  • How to submit information on behalf of recipients

Let's say your recipient sent you some documents via email or you already had some of their files or information available and you want to add it to their applications.
1- Go to the client application and scroll the line item you need to update
2- Click on the secondary button to either upload a file (if it's a file request), or fill out a form (if it's an online form)

  • Having a third-party submit info on behalf of a recipient

External members are people who need to create applications on behalf of a client/recipient.
Eg. You work with company ABC and requires 20 people at this company to share with you their information using Clust. Company ABC has hired a person in charge to taking care of submitting this information on behalf of each employee. 

This person would be the external member. Instead of having them create 20 applications and navigating between 20 different interfaces using passwords for each employee application, you can just give them access to the member portal. 

External members will be able to navigate between applications and submit the required information for each applicant.
They can add their own email address when creating applications (they'll receive all notifications when you manage the application) or they can add the recipient's email address if they want. Click here to learn how to create external members.

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