• Which languages are available in my user account? 

Clust allows you to navigate into your account in french, english, portuguese, spanish, german or italian. Translations other than in french and english are in Beta. Do not hesitate to share feedback to help us improve the experience.

  • Can I add my own language to my account? 

Unfortunately we cannot offer more languages for the user interface at this stage. Do not hesitate to switch to english if you need to. 

  • My coworkers do not see the list of applications, what do I do? 

Make sure they have activated the team view in their account profile as explained above. 

  • Is it possible to decide which applications should be seen by team members?  

Team members can either see their own created applications, or applications that they're assign to (when publishing the portal in Resources>Client portals). You can also edit the owner of an application from the Application> More details section. 

  • How can I get another team? 

You will probably need to upgrade your account or stack another code if you're an AS user. If the latter, go to this page to add another code in this team. 

  • Can I have someone from Clust set up my account? 

Yes. Please visit this article to submit a request. Our onboarding manager will be happy to help you with getting started. 

Setting up your personal profile

How can I reset my password? 

How can a recipient reset their password? 

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