• Which information can be exported? 

When you start an export (whether to your email or Cloud drive) Clust will send the following information when applicable:
1- The materials uploaded by recipients (files, documents, images etc)
2-Signed e-contracts (PDF)
3-Task completion confirmations (PDF)4- Forms data in (PDF & Csv)
5- Credit card payment receipts (PDF)6- Messages transcript in (PDF & Csv)

Clust will also generate an Application Record Card listing the general information about your application. This information will be available as a PDF and Csv documents.

  • Can I organize the exported application in sub-folders in my Drive? 

We do not recommend to create, edit, or move the CLUST folder created in your Drive to facilitate your files export and synchronization.
The exported files will automatically be gathered in folders within the CLUST master folder.
Unfortunately, the synchronization will not allow to automatically create folders for clients. You can however create another folder where you'll organize these exported files as you wish. 

  • The synchronization with Google Drive doesn't work properly, what should I do? 

Here is a quick troubleshooting for Google Drive.
1- Disconnect Clust from Google Drive2- Flush your cookies
3- Reconnect Google Drive to Clust
4- Launch the synchronization again

If you don't mind switching to another Cloud, we also recommend to try out DropBox. 

  • How long does it take to synchronize with the Drive?  

It depends on how big are your applications. Give it 10 to 15 minutes before you check back your Cloud storage. If nothing happens, make sure you follow the steps recommended in the previous question.

  • What triggers the automated synchronization?

The automated synchronisation will start as soon as an application is updated (by one of your team member, by yourself or by a client: new document uploaded, new message etc). You may want to manually sync' existing applications if you want to send them right away to your Cloud.

  • What triggers the manual synchronization?

You need to go in your application (In the File export tab) and click Synchronize to start the process. 

You need to go in your application (In the File export tab) and click Synchronize to start the process. 

  • How much storage do I get?

You can learn more about available storage per plan in this article.

  • Can I have someone from Clust set up my account? 

Yes. Please visit this article to submit a request. Our onboarding manager will be happy to help you with getting started.

Connecting Clust with your Drive

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