• What are the different experiences available with Clust? 

Clust offers you 3 ways to collect information and submissions from recipients. Learn more about each of them here.

  • What's the difference between Clust and a regular online form? 

A regular online form is not quite the best way to start a long lasting business relationship.
It only allows you to capture the very first information but once that's done:

+ How to make sure your receive exactly what you needed?
+ How do you ask for more details or updates?
+ How do you follow up on your process of welcoming this new client?
+ How do you collaborate internally with colleague on managing this new lead or opportunity?
+ And more importantly, how do you make sure client don't leave to your competitors while you're chasing them via email or phone for more information?

With Clust, you stay in control and invite people to submit their information under your own terms. Once the information is returned you can actually manage it, approve it, deny it and request more information all in one place. Online forms are only a tiny bit of Clust, because collecting information is only the first step of an onboarding process. 

See all Clust features here.

  • Do I need a website to use Clust?

No you don't. You can receive applications/submissions using our hosted portal that is customizable and very easy to use by recipients. 

  • Where can I learn more about the different terms used in the software?

We created a Clust glossary so you can get familiar with our terminology. This is key for you to get started, please take some time to understand these key terms.

  • Is there a mobile app for Clust?

Today, we do not have an IOS or Android app.
Your team members will have to log into their business console from a computer. It's the best experience right now to enjoy the full Clust experience and management features. 

Your recipients/clients can enjoy a full mobile-friendly experience . They can bookmark their client application to their phone and go back anytime as if it was an actual mobile app.

  • Can I have unlimited clients?

Yes, you have unlimited clients, customers, recipients (depending on how you call them- but it's basically people who need to complete an 'application process' with your company)

However, you may have a set number of submissions allowed per month depending on your plan you can check your limits in your Quotas section

  • Can I have someone from Clust set up my account? 

Yes. Please visit this article to submit a request. Our onboarding manager will be happy to help you getting started. 

Learning about Clust fundamentals

Thinking in systems/ Mapping out your process

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