• How can I set up more email templates? 

For now, we only offer the ability to set up these 4 systematic emails within Clust. However, using Zapier you can use your own external apps to send out as many notifications as needed to your recipients based on specific triggers.

  • Can I edit the reference email sent out when recipients join the portal? 

Unfortunately, it's not possible to customize this email right now. 

  • Do I absolutely need to a create a template first? 

Yes templates are the description of your requirements for a specific process or service. We're trying to help you automate that, that's why these requirements need to be captured first. 

  • Are you planning to add more templates to the library? 

Yes we do. It is taking some time because a template is made out of many elements which we are also building separately based on the process, but we cannot wait to improve our current library. If you're proud of your current templates and you'd like to submit your current template to help the community, please reach out to us 

  • Why am I asked to put a password when I click on 'Preview template'? 

The preview of a template is replicating the experience for your future recipients. They will have to protect their information with a password to secure their interface once they've created an application.

  • Can I automatically add template updates to live applications?

Clust simplifies your real-life processes. As in real life, when a client has already started a process you'll need to manually update their workflow if your business wokflows happened  to be updated. We do not have a way to automatically

  • Can I have someone from Clust set up my account? 

Yes. Please visit this article to submit a request. Our onboarding manager will be happy to help you with getting started. 

Creating a template

Editing a template

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