• How to share a form I've just created?

Every elements you need to share with a client would need to be added as a building block of a template or checklist.

The Clust checklist is gathering blocks of things you require:  a form, a payment, a signature, a tasks etc..
Each block has it's own card, so that no matter how complex is your checklist, your recipients can skim through it easily, understand what's required in less than 5 seconds and convert faster without feeling overwhelmed. 

A/B testing has shown that if we added the content of a form or the description of a task, or a payment details process or even the contract to be signed directly into the checklist:

+Chances for your recipients to convert may decrease significantly by up to 36%.

  • Can I add images into an Clust online form? 

Our forms only allow text fields in different format, if you need to attach a picture or any kind of file, you should add it as a template attachment directly. In case you'd like to use a more advanced form builder, you can also add your form url as a task to be completed as part of your template, this way, you'll not be limited to Clust online forms. 

  • In which format will I receive the form?

Forms are automatically received as a PDF and a CSV.

Creating/editing your online form

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