• Is it possible to fill out the e-contract from the admin interface? 

Not yet. The current feature only allows you to add an internal signature. Remaining fields should be added by recipients. 

  • Can I add radio buttons and dropdowns? 

Radio buttons and dropdowns are not available yet. 

  • What's the difference between green and red fields? 

Red fields are mandatory- an external signature placeholder for example is always mandatory.
Green fields are not mandatory.

  • Do recipients receive a version of the signed contract? 

For this first version, recipients do not receive anything yet. You can download the document and share it back with recipients from the 'File sharing' section of your application. We'll update the experience soon. 

  • How does the date field look like?  

The date field will display a small calendar to recipients so they can easily select the right date.

  • Do I need to activate the free (electronic) eSignature? 

No you don't need to. Only Digital Esignatures require an activation in your account Boosters section.

  • How many people can sign my e-contracts? 

You can add as many external signature placeholders as needed in your e-contracts.

Please note that your recipient will then have to share the application portal password with additional recipients to make sure they can access the document.

  • Which documents types are accepted as e-contract? 

E-contracts must be in PDF format. We recommend you to prepare your document on your computer before you upload it to Clust.
Our recommendations are the following:
+Make sure there is enough line space in your text, so you'll be more comfortable when adding fields and eSignature placeholders.
+Save you doc documents as PDF before uploading as e-contracts.

  • My signed e-contract doesn't show in my view? 

Sorry to hear that. In order to fix this issue please delete the e-contract from this page, and start again. Upload the e-contract, add your fields and import it into your template.

  • Can I have someone from Clust set up my account? 

Yes. Please visit this article to submit a request. Our onboarding manager will be happy to help you with getting started. 

Creating an-econtract

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