You can send a one to one invite to a recipient, use the application portal to collect submissions from anyone or use the bulk send feature. 

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In this tutorial, we'll learn how to:

  • Send invites in bulk


  • How to send invites in bulk

1- Click on the 'New Application' button available in the header
2- Choose the template you want to use
3- Click on the Multiple recipients icon
4- Add your list of contacts following the format suggested
5- Confirm and then follow the steps. The number of contacts added will be displayed to you before you confirm.

⚡️Make sure your account is activated before you use this feature⚡️

Need help?
Follow these steps to make sure your list of contacts is validated by Clust.
1-Duplicate our spreadsheet
2-Open it with your Google Sheets app
3-Add your information in each column
4- Save the file as CSV
5- Copy and paste all the text in your CSV

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