Manage access rights from the application page so that users that usually only see their own applications (Such as Agents and Operators) can have a one-off permission to collaborate with you on a specific application.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In this tutorial, we'll learn about:

  • How to manage access rights to an application
  • When to use this feature


  • How to manage access rights to an application?

1-Go to Applications and pick one of your applications.
2-From the 'More Options' menu, review the list of users who have access to it
3-Click 'Authorize' to give to access right to someone else

  • When to use this feature?

Scenario #1:
You've mentioned an operator or Agent in a conversation and want to make sure they can access the related application. 

Scenario #2:
You've cc'ied a colleague (Operator or Agent) to your admin notifications and want to allow them to jump in and manage the application with you.

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