Creating is the first step to take once you open a Clust account. With no Templates, you can't send a Request and therefore start collecting documents.


To create a Template you have 2 options. 

  • Importing one of our ready-to-use templates that we created with the support of Industry experts like yourself. 
  • Creating your own Template really easily. All you have to do is to paste the list of documents you require. 


🚀 Clust Templates are highly customizable! Discover how you can set them up.

  • Adding sections🔔 You can add sections to your Templates so they look more organized. 
  • Adding Online forms

🔔 You can also add online forms to your Templates so you can get as well more information from your recipients. It could be for example a payment form or an application form.

 🤔 How to create a form?

  • Updating the Template details

🔔 Within this section, you'll be able to add attachments to your Template, so they are automatically shared with a recipients each time you send a Request using this template.
You'll also be able to define the standard timeframe for the template.
Eg. Perfect delay for Rental applications may be 5 days, so that's where you'll add the generic timeframe which will be used to calculate the actual Due date of each Request. 

Last, you'll be able to update your Notification email. 

Our favorite feature is the custom background. You can pick a background for your templates. Each Request created & using this template will show the selected background.

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