Clust widgets allow you to kick off your document collection process from anywhere outside the app. 

There can be displayed in 3 different ways: 

  • The full page Clust widget

The standard widget allows you to create a public url for your document collection. 

Eg. Instead of sending out manually Requests and notifying each and every client, you can use this url to collect anyone's documents in a smart way.

You could redirect a website button to this url, add it to your social media pages or simply add it you your email signature.

How to set up a Standard Clust Widget

1.Go to Menu>Resources>My Widgets>New widget
2.Fill out the short form (Pick the template you'd like to use and the Agent in charge of working of Document Requests generated through the Widget)
3.The Standard widget url shows on the top of the setup page
4.Click 'Update Widget'

You're done! Just share this url with anyone, add it to your email signature or your social medias.

The website is a regular website extension as must of us know, allowing you to display a shortcut to your website visitors so they can take action right away and stay engage throughout the application process.

How to set up a Clust Widget shortcut
1.Complete the steps above
2.Click on 'Set it up for your website'
3.Click on 'Preview website widget' to have some context
4.Edit the website widget content based on your needs
5. Hit the 'Update widget' button once again
6. Go to the side menu 'Html Code' to grab the html code and paste it in the <Head> section of your website

  • The QR Code

The QR allows you to go even further and take the Clust experience to the offline world.
Eg.You can copy and paste the QR code and add it to a printed document, a business card or a flyer for example.

🚀Don't forget to assign the widgets to your team members so they'll be the ones notified when a prospect starts the application process, automatically.

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